New Trends in Women’s Shoes

No matter how well dressed a woman is, if she has her shoes wrong, her whole look can fall apart. Trendy, cool shoes play a very crucial role in any woman’s wardrobe. This is because it doesn’t matter whether you are a diva, a corporate honcho or a stay at home mother, the shoes you wear say a lot about you. That is why when it comes to shoes, you must consider the latest, but adopt only the most comfortable. To help you choose the right kind of cool shoes this season, here are a few tips and trends to consider:

Go for metal toe shoes

Good for outdoor activities these shoes are sturdy, solid, and provide extra cushioning to your toe. They are not only practical and highly durable, but also pretty eye-catching given their metallic hues. Best is to match them with a nice dress or skirt and you are good to go.

Pick up a pair of sandals

Nothing can make your feet happier than resting them in a pair of comfortable, cool sandals that allow your toes and feet to breathe. While the market is flooded with sandals of all kinds and colours, it is best to invest in a pair of braided sandals for the simple reason that they come in numerous colours and look nice with anything, be it a pair of jeans, shorts, or any kind of cool clothes.

Go high this season

High heels don’t suit everyone, and they are not very good for your posture as well. On the other end, high platforms usually suit everyone and offer the added advantage of raising your height, without subjecting you to any discomfort. It is largely because such shoes are so comfortable, that women are today investing in high-top sneakers to match their cool clothes.

Experiment with color

While most women have the usual black, white, cream and tan shades of shoes in their collection, very few experiment with bold, solid colours such as shades of blue, pink or even floral prints. Women in general are put off by bold and bright colours when it comes to shoes because they see these colourful shoes in a stand-alone way. When you do consider buying such shoes, always think of the different dresses you can pair them with. Floral shoes on the other hand offer another advantage of going well with plain, simple dresses as well.